Mayor Robertson's Statement Against Saturday's White Supremacist Rally in Vancouver

"Hatred and racism have impacted countless diverse communities for far too long. Whether they are subtle or brazen acts, we cannot tolerate hatred and discrimination based on race.

Over the past 9 months, I've made statements on the Quebec mosque shooting, the Vancouver synagogue bomb hoaxes, and President Trump’s racist travel ban. We launched our 101 Days of Action Against Discrimination with community partners and held community meetings to challenge Franklin Graham’s anti-LGTBQ2+ statements and prevent them from continuing. And this past week, my heart goes out to the tragedy in Charlottesville. These statements of condolence are sadly a constant requirement.  Communities affected by these acts have endured tragedy far too many times. If we hesitate to call out hatred, it will persist and continue to do untold damage.

I empathize with all those in Vancouver and beyond who feel vulnerable because of recent events. I empathize with parents who have to teach their children about the tragedy that racism brings. There aren’t ‘many sides’ to white supremacy, it has absolutely no place in this world.

Acts of hate and violence must always be met with strong resistance. We forcefully reject racism, bigotry, and discrimination as well as the individuals and groups who spread it in our city. I stand in solidarity with anti-racism protesters and I encourage peaceful protest to call out white supremacy, hate, and racist speech wherever they take place.

Vancouver is not immune to racism and we have a troubled history of racial discrimination.  It is imperative that we are vigilant with a passionate, non-violent defence of our values to ensure Vancouver remains inclusive, welcoming, and diverse."