Mayor to Support Adoption of New City Trans*, Gender Variant and Two-Spirit Inclusion Plan

A staff report coming to Council next week recommends that the City adopt a new plan to support the equality, diversity and inclusion of trans*, gender variant and two-spirit (TGV2S) residents, with a new interdepartmental team of City staff. The plan, which strives to make city facilities and processes more inclusive, builds on Mayor Robertson’s motion introduced last year that called for granting all LGBTTQ community members equal rights under the law. 

“Over the years Vancouver has shown incredible leadership in our commitment to equality, acceptance and inclusion, and we are a stronger and more vibrant City for it,” says Mayor Gregor Robertson. “I’m proud to support this progressive TGV2S Inclusion policy that brings us even further in achieving equal rights and access to services for all residents.”

On top of the new, interdepartmental City team overseeing the Inclusion plan, over the next 6-18 months the City will, as part of the plan, focus on:

  • Updating single-user washroom signage to reflect universal, functions-based designation;
  • Making resources available to lead the implementation team to carry out TGV2S inclusion work;
  • Providing TGV2S inclusion training to the City’s Corporate Management Team and General Managers;
  • Developing a checklist for TGV2S inclusion in City of Vancouver Event protocols; and
  • Updating grants priorities to reflect TGV2S inclusion.

Staff will report to Council annually on progress of the Inclusion plan.

"TransFocus and Equity Labs were honoured to serve the City in its commitment to strengthen TGV2S inclusion. The recommendations build on the tireless work of TGV2S community advocates and service providers to address the impacts of persistent discrimination. In addition to quick starts to create immediate opportunities to build more inclusive facilities and services, the recommendations also lay the groundwork for long-term efforts to improve access to critical housing and wellness services needed by our most vulnerable TGV2S community members,” says Drew Dennis, Principal Partner, TransFocus Consulting.

The TGV2S Inclusion Plan was developed in consultation with City stakeholders across several departments, including the Vancouver Public Library, the Vancouver Police Department, the City’s LGBTQ2+ Advisory Committee, the Vancouver Park Board’s Trans and Gender Variant Inclusion Steering Committee and the Vancouver Board of Education’s Pride Advisory Committee. The Plan also builds on the work of the Vancouver Park Board and Vancouver Board of Education who last year made significant strides in making their facilities, operations and programs safe and inclusive spaces for TGV2S residents.